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Gahu Drum & Dance Ensemble

The Gahu Drum Ensemble, led by drummer T.R. McKotch, is working on releasing an album, as well as performing, teaching and bringing the world the spirit of Africa and Haiti through traditional rhythms such as Fanga, Kpanlogo and Luba. According Gahu Drum Ensemble, "it is our aim to encourage participation in, and enjoyment of, the rhythms and dances of West Africa, the Caribbean, and the African Diaspora, whether in a workshop or performance." The Gahu Drum Ensemble uses traditional percussion instruments like the Djembe, Djun Dun, Sangba and more. Recently, McKotch brought his drum performance ensemble together with dancers Nicole and Natasha Ten Eyck, giving audiences a glimpse into the experience of the music of Africa, Haiti and the Caribbean.

T.R. McKotch began drumming at age 10 and through various influences throughout his New York life, was led into the instruments and rhythms of West Africa, the Caribbean and Haiti. He has spent years teaching these rhythms through private classes, workshops and performances around the Jamestown, NY, area. McKotch has drummed with JT Lewis, The Steve Johnson Band, as well as with Rusted Root. He currently plays drums with Last Stop Willoughby.

29th Oct 2014

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