Enhance Your Sound with Percussion Instrument Bundles

Once you start learning to play the drums, you will likely want to experiment with various sounds. That doesn’t mean you will only play with your drum; you will likely want to use other percussion instruments, as well. Finding the accents for your drum in a single bundle can feel like stumbling upon a treasure chest, because it makes it easier for you to play around with your craft knowing you are using instruments that complement the sound of your drum. That is one of the benefits of bundles, but another is that you save money.

Music can be an expensive hobby and bundle packs can help soften the blow. Usually, with bundles you will get a discount on your instruments compared to buying them separately. Also, during holidays or other times of the year, you might find that a certain accent instrument is thrown in free with the purchase of a drum. These different types of bundles help to make it easier to decide which accents to try or which percussion instruments to invest in next.

Some bundles come with carrying cases instead of accent instruments. Some include both. That is part of the benefit of bundles: variety. Different musicians are looking for different things, so every bundle is not going to be built upon the same formula. Some bundles don’t include the main instrument, at all! Sometimes, drummers are looking for bundles of accent instruments, meaning they might want to invest in a bundle pack that includes some shakers, bells, or tambourines.

Different bundles serve different purposes. A cajon drummer might find more benefit in a bundle that includes foot and hand instruments. A drummer that plays a jazz drum kit might want a bundle that includes items that can be added to a kit with little to no trouble. For hand drummers, it can be so nice to find a bundle that includes a carrying case for the drum, as well as shakers or other accent instruments for others to use.

Music is something that many people enjoy doing alone, but it is also a highly social endeavor. One of the benefits of bundles is that they may include enough instrument fun for a small group. As people are enjoying you break down rhythms on your drum, they can add to the sound using smaller instruments that aren’t overwhelming. With bundles, community drumming affairs and outstanding percussion demonstrations have never been easier to produce.

28th Oct 2014

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