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Drumming for Love

Is there anything more romantic than someone composing or playing a piece of music for the love of their life? While pianos and guitars may get most of the attention with regard to love compositions, drumming for love is not totally unheard of. After all, what would Latin music be without either conga drums or love songs? Here are a few good reasons to consider serenading the love of your life.

Love celebrations: Drumming can be a great way to say “I love you” during a wedding or anniversary celebration. Not only do hand drums invite everyone around to participate in some way, but they are also hard to miss. Once you start drumming, you will have everyone’s attention, including your special someone. Drumming for love doesn’t have to involve days of preparation, either. If you have a more adventurous spirit (and you likely do if you are using drums this way), feel free to give an unpracticed yet inspired, heart-felt performance. Allow the emotions to carry you away as you drum on a djembe and your significant other is likely to pick up the beat and meet you on the journey.

Valentine’s Day: Sure, you could send flowers or candy, but that’s rather mundane. Why not surprise your loved one with a piece you’ve been working on for a while? Drumming can be a spiritual experience, but it can also express intimacy. Learn to play a simple rhythm on the congas and play for your date at a club or somewhere dancing is taking place. That could put an interesting spin on things. A date becomes more memorable when the person drums for you while you hit the dance floor. Drumming for love is fun and drumming for future love can help create a lifetime of memories.

Birthday parties: No matter how old a person is turning, birthday parties can be fun. If you find yourself planning a birthday celebration, remember that drumming has the power to connect all age groups. While you’re drumming for love of the birthday boy or girl, everyone will enjoy themselves. Even babies and elders who need to sit throughout the evening will find themselves bopping along to the drum beat, and maybe even shaking a maraca! As you use your drumming to express your love, you will be able to look out into the room and find everyone enjoying themselves along with the cake and ice cream.

Drumming can be used for many purposes in our lives. We don’t have to only bring out the drums for transcendental or group drumming sessions. We can use these powerful instruments for the more mundane aspects of life, as well…if drumming for love can even be considered mundane.

28th Oct 2014

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