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Drum Circle Flash Mob

There you are, sitting in the food court at the mall, sipping a latte when suddenly, out of the crowd, come a few dozen dancers and vocalists performing a song for the amusement of innocent bystanders. Shock, amusement and wonder flow through the crowd as these daring performance artists create magic and inspiration through choreography and timing that rivals any High School Musical movie scene. The audience cheers and the flash mob withdraws, waiting for the next opportunity to dazzle. Now, imagine that scene, but with a chorus of Djembes, bongos, shekeres and a random didgeridoo.

Flash mobs are occurring across the globe in shopping areas, historical monuments, festivals and other public gathering places. Musical theater performers, belly dancers, hula hoopers and even drummers are getting in on the flash mob action, coordinating performance efforts through social media channels and word-of-mouth. These gigs are anti-establishment, against-the-grain, non-conformist glimpses into the talents of local artists, giving audiences a presence within the performance, even as it continues within arm’s reach.

Typical flash mobs rely on practice and rehearsal in order to coordinate singers, dancers and other performers, a drum circle flash mob has the ability to transcend even these boundaries, producing a truly exceptional event for all that participate and observe. For the drum circle flash mob, the ability to play does not depend on a rehearsed action. Drum circles are notoriously improvisational, with each participant literally drumming to his or her own rhythm.

Translating this same action into a flash mob invites not only the scheduled drumming participants, but can engage others within the audience to join in the drumming fun. Drum circle flash mob players can easily carry Djembe and bongo drums, rattles, shakers and other drum circle instruments within the designated public space, thrilling the audience as the rhythms and songs grow with the addition of new drummers into the mix

A Flash Mob is an exciting occurrence that can color the everyday lives of those lucky enough to witness the event. While adhering to local and state laws regarding public performances, these group performances can bring a community together in a unique way, extending a love of music, rhythm and excitement throughout the crowd. Drum circle flash mobs can extend an invitation to join the fun and become part of a society of creative and artistic individuals that realize the power of drumming and its effects on civic bonds and overall community wellness.

29th Oct 2014

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