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Dress Up Your Cajon Drum with Accessories

A cajon drum is the epitome of “fun in a box,” especially where hand drumming and percussion is concerned. These drums keep popping up in the acoustic performances of favorite bands, as well as in drum circles and other community settings. Cajon drums may best be known as percussion instruments for Flamenco music, which is why it is perhaps so much fun to “dress up” a cajon drum with accessories. After all, what is Flamenco music without the proper look of its popular dancers?

Cajon drum accessories bring more sound to the drum through various methods. There are foot accessories, like tambourines, that enable a drummer to keep playing the cajon with the hands, while tapping out an accompanying jingle with the foot. Accessories like foot pedals are also used in order to create a deep, bass tone to the beat where the hands cannot necessarily reach. In a sense, anything that can be strapped to, or kicked with the foot increases the fabulous groove of the cajon.

They are also able to be affixed with percussion instruments on the sides, such as castanets and jingles. Special brushes and foot beaters for cajon drums are available in order to fully encourage the unique tone of the drum, as well, and for the professional or semi-pro cajon player, there are microphones, stomp boxes and effects pedals. Since the cajon offers such a diverse range of sound, combining the drum and various accessories creates a great way to personalize a rhythm while still maintaining the integrity of the instrument.

From Flamenco music to acoustic rock and jazz on stage, or maybe even the appearance within a drum circle, dressing up a cajon drum with accessories gives the rhythm a whole new, enhanced and amazing sound.

19th Jul 2014 Kristin Stancato

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