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Creating Community Rhythm Through Your Own Drum Circle

Drum circles have been around for many years and are enjoying another heyday for several reasons. Many people find drumming, especially in a group setting, to be a cleansing, cathartic experience that helps them feel more connected to something greater than themselves. As a form of expression, drumming is both primal and primordial. Considered by many to be the heartbeat of Mother Earth, drumming allows individuals an opportunity to tap into their essence and bring out what they find. For this reason, starting your own drum circle may seem like an interesting idea. Many of us enjoy finding ways to see who we are beneath the masks we wear every day. If drumming alone is good, drumming together is better. But, just as with any idea, the manifestation may require more work than we had hoped or planned. Here are some tips that may help you along the way.

Gather up your friends, neighbors and a host of strangers! Assuming you have a drum already, find other folks with drums and see if they’d like to drum with you. Musicians love making music and even people who consider themselves non-musicians enjoy beating a drum from time to time. If you have more than one drum or percussion instrument, that’s even better. Having the instruments available and sitting around may call out to people interested in joining a drum circle for the first time and they will find themselves participating simply because they can.

Find a good location and bring your friends, new or old, and instruments. Public parks make a good spot, as long as you scout out a space that is not too inhabited. When starting your own drum circle, you want it to be inviting, so try not to situate yourself where people are likely to complain. Public beaches are another location that could be great. Good music and soothing water make a wonderful combination. Plus, in places like parks and beaches, more passersby are likely to stop and check out the group, sitting down to those extra instruments you brought. If you take this more improvisational approach to starting your own drum circle, make sure you let everyone know to meet you at the same time and place next week. It’s a good idea, in sales, to get agreement when folks are feeling most positive. As everyone is experiencing the high of drumming together and feeling connected to one another, remind them that this could be an ongoing thing in their lives.

Remember to have fun! You may be perceived as the leader of the circle, since it was your idea to start it. Don’t let that weigh you down or go to your head. True leaders help others come into their own power, so prepare beforehand with a few rhythms and then go with the natural flow of the group. Starting your own drum circle means sharing with others what you wanted for yourself.

Starting up a drum circle can be a tremendous learning experience that fosters creativity, strengthens community ties and develops a fun and playful environment for all who join in. With a little initiative and the desire to spread the love of rhythm to others, your drum circle can become a valuable part of your life, as well as the lives of others.

28th Oct 2014

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