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Celebrate Earth Day Every Day with Drums

When it comes to common ground, people often look to the earth to celebrate all of the wondrous sights and sensations we share. There can be little doubt that despite the distance across the planet, each of us reaps the benefits of our planet and its variety of plants, animals, landscape and people. We all breathe the air, drink the water and feel the changing of seasons. As drummers, we are also able to express this unity through our rhythms, especially those that echo the pulse of the earth and our own heartbeats as we are unified in patterns of individuality and community.

Studies have shown there is a rhythmic pulse to the planet, and our daily lives are also constructed around our own patterns. Creating rhythms on hand drums, like a djembe drum or a set of bongos, is a meaningful way to reflect on these patterns of life, and to express gratitude to the earth for connecting us on such a deep level to each other, as well as to the natural world. On Earth Day, especially, it seems essential to take a moment to grab our drums and become part of the universal beat across the world we share. When else can we celebrate the rhythm of life, the drums of our ancestors and the community of music that knows only the language of creativity, expression and fun?

In truth, every day is the perfect day to celebrate the joy of rhythm and drums. The expressive beat of a djembe is welcome in spring, just as it is in winter. Tapping out a beat on a desk can be just as rewarding as a bongo beat on a beach. The connection that rhythm creates between hits on a drum is the same connection that drumming creates between two (or more!) drummers – no matter when, where or how. The reasons we drum may vary, depending on who we ask, but, the motivation and rewards are almost always similar within us all, and the result continues to connect us all across the miles.

Earth Day comes once a year in the U.S., but that should never stop a drummer from connecting to our universal rhythms. Whether your drum of choice is a djembe drum, a pair of congas or a full-tilt drum set, let your own rhythm intertwine with the rest of the world – the planet, the people and the experience of drumming. Celebrate Earth Day every day with drums, and see what a positive impact you can make on the planet!

28th Oct 2014

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