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Can you name these highest earning drummers by band?

Time to find out just how drum savvy you are when it comes to rock drummers. We've compiled a list of rock bands that are home to some of the top earning drummers in rock. Topping the list is the drummer for the Beatles, said to be worth 300 million.

Give the quiz a whirl and post your score in the comments area below. If you are anything like our Director of Operations, Matt (aka King of Trivia), you'll breeze through this test, laughing at how easy it is. If you are more like me, (aka Web Mistress), you'll probably get three right even though you know the band's songs by heart -- well, maybe not blink 182 in my case, but definitely The Stones, Metallic and GnR.

Many of these talented players have battled the test of time, playing an instrument that can wreck havoc on the body physically. We recently heard of Phil Collins' long-term injury from drumming that actually halted his ability to play and Dave Grohl suffers from severe hearing loss.

Today, pro drummers tend to take a lot more precaution when playing to protect their body and ears. By staying in shape and practicing exercises to strengthen the core, drummers can avoid spinal injuries. Technology has solved the problem of exposure to loud sound as well with custom-made ear plugs that can be personalized to allow just enough bleed for the drummer to play confidently.

What do you do to ensure a long life full of drums?

28th Oct 2014

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