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Bongos and the Beginner

When thinking about bongos and the beginner, the situation may seem like a no-brainer. Many people may pick up a cheap set of bongos and call it a day. However, to develop a love for the instrument that is sure to stand the test of time, it is better to test a variety of drums. Bongos, like most drums these days, can be made from a variety of materials, all of which affect playing comfort and sound quality. The beginner who wants a fair shot at getting to know the bongos likely needs a set designed for the task.

Bongos come at several quality and price points.

The way the bongos are constructed can tell the purchaser a lot about the future drumming relationship. For example, plenty of companies construct bongos and the beginner drummer is at the fore of their marketing strategy. Sometimes, this results in bongos made of wood with synthetic heads tacked on. These drums are not tunable and also may not be as pleasurable to play. This could turn off a beginner, so simply investing a little more time in the search might prove beneficial.

Even with bongos for a beginner, it is important to make sure the drums can be tuned. Properly tuning bongos not only affects their sound; it also affects play. Bongos are two drums in one: the hembra and the macho. The hembra, or larger drum, should carry a lower pitch than the macho and they are optimally an octave apart. After playing, it is good to detune, or loosen, the drum heads even if they are made of synthetic material. This helps decrease the stress on the drum’s shell. When many people think of bongos and the beginner, they may not realize that bongos require some TLC. In order for the drums to continue to produce vibrant sounds over time, and keep the interest of the beginner, quality needs to be considered.

Another thing to keep in mind when shopping for bongos for a beginner is that bongos can be played with objects other than one’s hands. While many of us have an image in our minds of bongos being held under an arm and tapped with fingers while dancing around a fire, bongos are quite versatile. The sound will change if the bongos are played using brushes or sticks and this may influence the appeal for bongos and the beginner.

Bongos, like many drums associated with the Latin music scene, originated in Africa and playing them can arouse passion a beginner may not be aware is missing in life. For this reason, getting a good quality set of bongos for the beginner is important. Let the range of possibilities surround the drummer with an instrument capable of growing in tune with one’s skills. Both bongos and the beginner deserve the opportunity to join together for the long haul.

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28th Oct 2014

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