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After 10 Years Without Sound, Colorado Drummer Regains Hearing

For musicians, the ability to hear is just as essential as the ability to play an instrument. But imagine that one day your hearing vanishes, leaving you unable to hear the sound of your hand or drum stick hitting the head of a drum - a sound that was once deafening. Colorado drummer Doug Lagasse didn’t have to imagine it.

Lagasse lost his ability to hear 10 years ago as a side effect of medicine he was taking for cystic fibrosis treatment. As a musician, losing his hearing was hard because he couldn’t hear his music or the sounds around him that inspired his playing.

However, thanks to doctors at University of Colorado Hospital, Lagasse can hear again with the help of a cochlear implant. The cochlear implant is a small electronic device that helps restore hearing by providing a sense of sound. Lagasse told local news station 9News that most of the sounds he heard when doctors first turned on the device sounded like cartoon characters. But according to doctors, sounds, including his drum beats, will sound normal again in just a few weeks.

To Lagasse from all of us at X8 Drums, we’re so excited that your hearing is restored! We bet you can’t wait to rock out on your kit!

28th Oct 2014

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