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Advice from the Experts: Online Djembe Lessons Make You Awesome

People love to feel accepted by others and the allure of a drum circle or community drum jam filled with djembes, bongos, dancers and rhythm is pretty irresistible. But, for a person who is new to hand drumming, surmounting the hesitation of joining in the fun of community drumming might be a bit difficult. Not only is the environment new, but, perhaps even drumming itself is new. Yet, there are few classes that teach how to participate in a drum circle and how to drum with others, which is why online djembe lessons can be a great way to get into the groove, before gettin’ into the groove.

Top 10 Reasons to Try Online Djembe Lessons:

  1. Your djembe prefers to get to know you at home before being flaunted in public.
  2. Drumming terminology and techniques are better memorized from your basement. True story.
  3. Free, or low-cost instruction so you can buy more djembe drums and other hand percussion instruments.
  4. Commitmentphobes can decide whether they are really ready to take that next step with a beloved djembe.
  5. Online djembe lessons are never too tired or busy when you need them.
  6. The variety of djembe rhythms online is the spice of drumming life.
  7. Naked. Drumming. (Your djembe doesn’t need a cover or case inside.)
  8. Rewind and instant replay is much harder to implement with humans.
  9. Your cat may choose to stop sleeping on your pillow if you make enough noise with your djembe. Or not.
  10. Finding your own rhythm = time, practice, motivation, and a ‘fridge full of great snacks.

Of course, online djembe lessons may also be effective for improving your understanding of the culture and history of the djembe. The lessons can show you different ways to improve your posture and playing, or introduce you into new styles of music. In fact, online djembe lessons can open up your life to a whole new world of music, fun and friends like you’ve never before experienced. When it comes down to it, there simply is no reason not to try out a few online djembe lessons and see where they take you and your groove!

Have you tried any online djembe lessons? Tell us your favorites and which lessons you would recommend to a friend!

28th Oct 2014

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