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1 Year Old Can Groove on Drums

This little guy was absolutely born with rhythm. At just 1-year-old, he is holding down the beat to a song. We typically see young kids bang the drum and having a blast, but to see them hold down a beat and remember various the parts is something else!

Introducing drums and rhythm to kids early in life can be helpful as they enter school. By working on drumming technique, the child gains self-confidence and can use the drums to develop their communication skills.

Drumming is also a form of exercise. If you've seen Metallica's Lars Ulrich, you understand the amount of sweat that can drain from a drummer. There are even message boards where drummers discuss their sweating challenges. One member said that he can lose 3 pounds during one gig... all water weight from sweating. The technique utilizes just about every muscle and having an overly strong core is key to longevity behind the kit.

So, while the banging and crashing by your little ones on drums can drive you bonkers, remember this video to see the potential.

28th Oct 2014

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