Bella Advanced Magnet 6-Pack

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The Bella advanced magnet pack allows you to tune the 6-inch/6-note Bella down to additional scales. The pack includes 6 magnets, 3 medium (green) and 3 medium (yellow).

The lowest pitches achievable are E4, F4, F#4, A#4, B4, C5. The pack includes 6 magnets: 3 medium (green) and 3 med-small (yellow) magnets.

Tune with a simple push and a pull of the magnets up and down the tongues. Add or remove magnets or change magnet sizes on the tongue to further adjust the pitch. When the desired tuning requires the use of two magnets on one tongue, keep the largest magnet attached to the tongue and stack the smaller magnets on the larger one.

For best results, keep the magnets along the center-line of the tongues when tuning. Here is a scale database website that will provide scales that the Idiopan can be tuned to with the advanced magnet pack:

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