banjira Tenor Pakhawaj Head 6.5"

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Replacement pakhawaj head, tenor, 6.5." Order size is in inches and is based on the playing surface. Head is made out of goatskin and includes a syahi in the center and has a braid around edge. Works on bolt and lace tuned pakhawaj drums.

In order to find out if this head will fit your drum, see if you get 6.5" by measuring the following:

If you have the drum without the head: Measure the outside diameter of the drum shell at the top; the bearing edge from outside edge to the opposite outside edge. If you have a head that fits your drum off the drum: Flip the head up-side-down and measure the inside diameter of the underside of the playing surface. If you have the head on the drum: Measure the playing surface only, do not include the braid.

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