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Drum Circle Jam Pack
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Ramadan Djembe with Percussion Pack

Shop our huge selection of top quality djembe drums at discount prices. From drum circle percussion packages for classrooms and drum circles to professional level drums for the recording artists, you'll find it here.

Not sure where to start? Check out the Djembe Buying Guide for more djembe buying tips and suggestions.

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Djembe Drum PlayersTake the guesswork out of buying the Perfect Djembe in two easy steps.

1. What style djembe do you like - Rope Tuned or Key Tuned?
What's the difference? Rope tuned djembes are typically more traditional in their design and are tuned by tightening the ropes around the head of the djembe. Mechanically-tuned djembes tend to have a more modern feel and are tuned using a wrench to tighten the bolts around the djembe head. If you want to keep your drum tuned quickly and with little effort, choose key-tuning. If you are interested in rope-tuning your drum, watch our free lesson on How to Rope Tune Your Djembe.

2. What size do you need?
Our djembes are categorized by Large (13” and up diameter head), Medium (10-12” diameter head) and Small (9” and smaller diameter head). Which size is right for me? Most beginning adult players start with a 10" or 12" head djembe.

Answer those two questions and you are on your way to djembe playing joy! Check out the X8 Drums Djembe Buying Guide for more djembe buying tips and suggestions. We also invite you to watch our Djembe 101 video series to get started with your new drum!