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X8 Palm Wood Claves - Pair

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At first glance, you wouldn't think two simple little pieces of wood could produce such powerful percussion sound. But once you hear and experience the added sonic dimension these claves bring to your music, you can't help but be impressed. If you enjoy striking up different beats and bringing variety and diversity into your music, these are the claves for you.

Timing is everything in music, so X8 claves are well-made and well-balanced to provide precise and consistent beats that are crucial to many different types of cultural music. Each clave is crafted with care from hand-selected palm wood and complete with natural markings and colors that are unique to each piece.

You play claves by striking them firmly together to create a sharp, cracking sound that's amplified by the aural-enhancing hollowness of the wood. The cutting accents and exceptionally resonant rhythms are truly amazing, and there's almost no end to the ways you can use claves to infuse your music with diversity and rhythmic interest. Just make sure you don't hold it too tight or you risk muffling the sharpness and intensity of the sound. Have fun experimenting and creating unique accents as you strike all along the clave's different points or hit the wood's sweet spots. Variances in your stroking patterns and the loud, sharp sounds they create will help make these claves your new favorite instrument. Both clave and striker are 8" x 1 1/8".

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