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Pro Audio

Pro Audio

Drummers and percussionists have unique needs when it comes to recording. They require tools that are rugged, can handle high sound pressure levels, and can capture the dynamics of their performance.

In the X8 studio, we've recorded hundreds of drumming and percussion sessions and have fine-tuned the gear we use for the best recordings. With this experience, we have assembled a fantastic collection of recording gear that can meet the high demands for getting the job done.

Our selection of recording and live sound equipment for percussionists has been hand-picked by our staff based on own own recent recording experiences.

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  • Gibraltar Drum Sound Shield

    Gibraltar Drum Sound Shield

    Place the Gibraltar GDS-5 Drum Shield in front of your kit to isolate the sound of your drums during a recording session, or it can allow you to lower your band's overall stage volume by reducing the amount of drum sound in the stage mix. The two end...
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