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LP Matador Custom 12 1/2" Tumbadora

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LP Matador Custom 12 1/2" Tumbadora with a unique Vintage Starburst Finish over 3 ply wood shells and black hardware.

The LP Custom Matador line features the same high LP Matador quality at a special price. If you think that there's nothing new in reasonably priced congas, take a look at the new LP Matador Custom Congas. Then take a listen.

dingbat-small-red.gifLP Matador Custom 12-1/2" Tumba, Vintage Starburst

dingbat-small-red.gifCongas 30" tall, Siam Oak

dingbat-small-red.gifMatador Soft Strike Rims for extra playing comfort

dingbat-small-red.gifUniquely shaped "horned" side plates

dingbat-small-red.gifLP ProCare Integrated Shell Protectors prevent the side plate hardware from damaging adjacent drums

dingbat-small-red.gifNatural rawhide heads

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