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LP Compact Conga Mounting System

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  • LP Compact Conga Mounting System
  • LP Compact Conga Mounting System


LP Giovanni Compact Congas are one of the most innovative percussion instruments of the decade, a notion that has the consensus of the industry, as reflected in international awards such as the MIPA and consumer voted wins in both Modern Drummer and DRUM! Magazines. To use these smart sized yet full sized sounding shallow congas, drummers worldwide have devised various systems for mounting them. They've tried everything from chemistry-style clamps to snare stands to the always reliable lap!

Latin Percussion felt it was nigh time to standardize things with player in mind. The new LP Compact Mounting System consists of a bracket that will enable the secure positioning of two Compact Congas. Designed for easy placement in complex drumsets and multi-percussion set ups, the mounting system includes a tilting mechanism that places the portable congas in optimum position for playing with hands or sticks. The unit can be used as a single compact conga mount and will adapt to various racks and stands. The whole assembly can be put in place in minutes. If you are looking for a stand for your Compact Conga Mounting System, you will need the LP Percussion Stand (LP332).

Like most forward looking musicians, you've probably admired the LP Compact Congas but wondered how you could properly integrate them into your set up. They've responded to your concerns with the introduction of the Compact Mounting System, designed for various racks and stands, and believe you'll admire its essential simplicity and functionality.

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