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LP Cajon

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  • LP Cajon
  • LP Cajon


Customer Review: "I was honestly blown away when I pulled this cajon out of the box. The pictures on your website just don't do it justice. Everything from the finish to the hardware on the feet are total pro. The tones and the snap of the snare sound fantastic. I took it to a gig last weekend and so many people were impressed with its presence sonically and visually. Thanks!" - Nathan, New York City

The Cajon has become extremely popular and for good reason. The square-ish box offers delightful tones, sometimes muted and sometimes open, which simulate everything from bongos to tumbas to snare drums, when played with hand slaps, deep palm "dooms" and sizzling finger staccato patterns. The cajon looks for the all the world like a humble box but it has become so much more.

LP Cajon Dimensions: 19" H x 12" W x 12" L

LP is proud to present the LP Cajon, an instrument graced with an exotic "Takean Tong" wood playing surface. Elsewhere, instead of relying on the tones inherent in any one type of wood, LP engineers devised a composite wood body, capable of a broad range of frequency responses, especially a deep low-end, so critical to traditional cajon performance. Tension of the internal "snare strings" can be adjusted easily with a standard drum key. And in nice design stroke, front height-adjustable feet enable the LP Cajon to be tilted to popular playing positions, liberating it from the floor for increased resonance and player comfort.

The Cajon Drum can be incorporated into a variety of set ups-even doubling as a drummer's throne! The LP Cajon is an ideal and popular add-on.

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3 Reviews

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    LP Cajon

    Posted by John Pounds on 11th Aug 2014

    I bought this for my son's birthday since he is a drummer. I wanted it for him for the portability and the acoustics. I did my homework and liked the fact that it had a guitar string for the snare sound instead of a small finger like metal piece. I am glad that I purchased this particular cajon because he tightened the string too tight and it snapped the day after he unwrapped it. As upset as I was, I was more overjoyed (and he was too)when he told me that he fixed himself with an extra guitar string that he had. This is good because it allows for experimenting of different gauge strings for a different sound. He simply loves this cajon and we love hearing him play. The versatility of events and the ease of repair makes this an awesome cajon. X8 was quick in shipping and I would recommend them to a friend. Thanks!

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    Posted by Timothy Gilmore on 11th Aug 2014

    Great instrument/ Great value/ Great service!

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    Love my Cajon

    Posted by Neil Coleman on 14th Jul 2014

    You guys are the best...this was one of the easiest transactions I have ever made and the instrument is perfect for me. I play drums in church and in a tiny place the drums can be overwhelming but the Cajon is perfect. Thanks again.

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