LP Brazilian Brass Cuica

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The LP Brazilian Brass Cuica drum is a unique friction drum made of a deep brass shell with a goat skin head. This 8"’ÇΝ diameter x 10-1/2"’ÇΝ Brazilian drum is often used in all kinds of Samba music.

Features an innovative top-tuning design with 8 tuning lugs and precision machined hardware. To play, you rub the interior bamboo stick with a wet cloth while applying pressure to the "stick bead"’ÇΝ in the center of the drumhead, which produces a unique and pleasant sound. The pitches and timbres can be altered by applying varying degrees of pressure.

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Latin Percussion

1 Reviews

  • Posted by Chip Crell on 10th Jul 2014


    This Cuica Sings...!
    Cuica! Cuica! Ay que lindo!