LP Aspire 10" and 11" Dark Wood Conga Set

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The LP Aspire 10"’‘’_’ÇÎ⒑΂’ÇΝ and 11"’‘’_’ÇÎ⒑΂’ÇΝ Dark Wood Conga Set is ready to provide the groovy percussion that is perfect for all forms of Latin and World music.

These sets come in two sizes: 10"’‘’_’ÇÎ⒑΂’ÇΝ and 11"’‘’_’ÇÎ⒑΂’ÇΝ drums or the larger set with 11"’‘’_’ÇÎ⒑΂’ÇΝ and 12"’‘’_’ÇÎ⒑΂’ÇΝ drums. Standing at 28"’‘’_’ÇÎ⒑΂’ÇΝ tall, these drums are constructed of kiln dried, environmentally friendly 2-ply, Siam Oak shells.

Feature Black Powder Coated LP Aspire side plates, 9/32"’‘’_’ÇÎ⒑΂’ÇΝ diameter tuning lugs, EZ Curve rims for extra strength, response and smooth playing, and natural rawhide tucked heads.

The unique skin wire channel and curved surfaces provide you with comfort and easy playability.

Comes with tuning wrench and double Conga Stand!

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