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School Instruments and Training

School Instruments and Training

Drum circles and interactive rhythm programs have been adopted in mainstream classroom environments across the country. They are a highly effective educational strategy for motivating learners, affective skill development, youth development and prevention programming. They are also perfect as team building activities and a magical way for students to develop a sense of unity and community. Synchronized drum playing and interactive rhythm games offer new ways for students to connect, reduce personal barriers, and engage in healthy social emotional and character development.

X8 Drums is proud of the relationships we have developed with school districts and music teachers across the country. We have worked with state boards of education, school principals and private drum instructors to develop complete drum circle packages for a variety of classroom environments. We understand that educational budgets are tight and have been successful in delivering creative packages that provide all of the appropriate instruments needed for a fun and dynamic traditional drum circle. View a list of schools we've worked with.

The selection below contains typical components of a classroom drum circle. Choose from pre-packaged musical sets to ensure that a broad range of musical tones are represented or mix and match your own collection. Teachers and Music Educators can also receive professional training through the X8 Drums & Zamboomba School Drumming Programs. Learn how to turn your drum jam into an intensive learning experience that can be applied to any lesson plan or group activity.

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