Tycoon Dancing Drum Djembe Stands

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The Dancing Drum Djembe Stand is made of 2 interlocking pieces of plywood which come apart and can be stacked flat for storage or easy transport.

These djembe stands were developed to lift djembes up off the floor so that the bass sound could escape from the bottom of the drum. The stands support djembe drums several inches off the floor, providing a level playing surface. The stands fit loosely enough that the drum can still be tilted while playing.

2 sizes available: one stand which fits both 11" and 13" Dancing Drum djembes, and one which fits the 9" djembe.

*Note: These stands are made specifically for the Tycoon Percussion Dancing Drum Djembe Drums. They have been sized to fit these specific drums and are not guaranteed to fit djembes made either by hand or by other manufacturers.*