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Tribal Mask Bougarabou, Medium 12x24

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  • Tribal Mask Bougarabou, Medium 12x24
  • Tribal Mask Bougarabou, Medium 12x24
  • Tribal Mask Bougarabou, Medium 12x24


The tribal mask bougarabou is a stunning work of art that sounds spectacular! Carved of thick mahogany hardwood the X8 line of professional bougarabou drums produce huge thunderous tones. Each bougarbo is quite hefty and solidly built with a cow skin head to deliver big every time.

Bougarabou drums are normally played with only the hands in a standing position. They have a full, deep, rich sound which can be heard for miles and is effective at all dynamic levels. They produce a kind of bass melody in the total rhythm. in other modern drumming situations, they are often used to back up djembes and tammas in a percussion group.

We take great pride that this bougarabou is environmentally friendly. Each drum is made from legally harvested/Government inspected and certified Mahogany. The fact that we import these drums directly means that you get 'factory direct' prices and the finest selection of handcrafted djembe drums.

Please note that each drum is hand-carved, by master carvers, and sizes will tend to slightly fluctuate. No two drums are exactly alike which makes each one a unique work of art.
24" Tall x 12" Head

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