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Toca Percussion Conga

Toca Percussion Conga

Toca Percussion Conga

Toca conga heads are 1st quality bison skins that are graded and sorted by thickness for each particular size drum. Plus all Toca conga heads are tucked rather than sewn to prevent "pull out" and are mounted wet, to assure the best contact between the bearing edge and the head.

Toca offers two very different types of hoops; Toca's Traditional-Style Hoop and Toca's Exclusive "Easy Play" Hoop.

All Toca wooden shells are constructed from slats of Asian Oak hardwood. The double-ply shell construction combined with the process of finishing the inside of the shell help to make the drums light in weight and very resistant to changing weather conditions.

Toca offers two different bowl shape congas; the "Traditional Afro-Cuban" shape and the "Contemporary Afro-Cuban" style bowl. Traditional Afro-Cuban bowl shape has a very sharp taper at the bottom of the shell, creating a strong bass tone in the drum. The Contemporary Afro-Cuban bowl shape has a larger belly and a much bigger hole at the bottom of the drum, producing more volume with less effort.

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