Rhythm Tech Pro Tambourine, White / Black, Nickel Steel Jingles

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The Rhythm Tech Pro Tambourine represents a major advancement in the art and science of percussion, and is destined to become the new professional standard for sound, feel and performance.

They have redesigned the handle, changed the jingle layout and the balance point. They gave it a unique cushioned over-molded playing edge, and added more than 15 other design innovations to create the new Rhythm Tech "Pro" Tambourine. The Pro has a lighter, more responsive and comfortable feel with a sound that can only be described as "turbo-charged".


The Handle, a marvel of ergonomics not only feels great, but also controls the instrument better so that less effort is required.

The Pro features an over-molded soft playing edge molded onto both sides of the frame to form a seamless permanent playing surface that provides unparalleled comfort.

Another new innovation, Stainless Steel jingles. Stainless Steel is a harder more durable material that has a truer fundamental pitch. That means less overtones and longer sustain. These jingles have more volume to really cut through. The Pro is also available with our traditional Brass Jingles. Brass has a deeper chunkier sound that sounds great for recording.

They adjusted the center of gravity of the instrument ever so slightly so that it would feel lighter and more responsive and we changed the layout of the jingles. Now they are grouped on the arc to react faster so that you get more sound with less effort.

The holes in the corners of the Pro easily slip onto the new ProMount*. The mount will fit onto a DSM2 or DSM Quad Mount (or any other device that attaches to a stand and accepts a standard 3/8" rod), and allows the Pro to slip on and off so that it can instantly be converted to a mounted tambourine.

Includes Travel Case
The Pro is packaged in it's own tough Poly Propylene case. designed to protect the Pro in travel situations. Like bouncing around a trap case or Trick Bag filled with all your other essentials.

White with black trim

Jingle Options
Nickel Steel Jingles


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  • Posted by Deayna Palumbo on 16th Jul 2014


    Rhythm Tech Pro Tambourine

    I ordered one for my friend cause her other rhythm techs are worn out. She got endorsed by Rythym Tech before and this time she needed a new one bad. So I was happy to find the same kind she had before. It came in a timely fashion and it was a good deal on the site.