Remo Designer Series Djembe, Key-Tuned, Camouflage Finish - 14"x25"

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  • Remo Designer Series Djembe, Key-Tuned, Camouflage Finish - 14"x25"
  • Remo Designer Series Djembe, Key-Tuned, Camouflage Finish - 14"x25"

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The Camouflage finish of this new Remo Designer Series Djembe bridges the gap between wood and metal shells and provides a unique look featuring the custom matching camouflage Skyndeep Mondo drumhead. The Remo Skyndeep Mondo head supplies the sound and durability players are used to but ads an aesthetic quality previously unavailable. Djembe measures 14" Diameter, 25" Height.

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Designer Series Djembes from Remo Belli on Vimeo.

Remo djembes are based upon the traditional drums of the West African Mandingo people, originating from the great Mali Empire of the 13th and 14th century. In Africa, one of the Djembe's functions is as a healing drum. Remo Djembes are based on the same traditional Djembe tone and form combined with Remo's modern advances including a wide range of tuning systems, heads, finishes and sizes.

REMO's key-tuned djembe have had great success as the most user friendly djembe in the world. With features like portability, tunability, durability, and playability it's no wonder why it is the choice for thousands and thousands of professional and recreational drummers for years.

The key-tuned Djembes are the most popular of Remo's World Percussion instruments. They're as wide used by touring professionals as they are in drum circles. The high slaps and deep bass tones from all Remo Djembes are from the Skyndeep Mondo drumhead and ACOSTICON TM shell. There are 6 lugs on the 12 in. model and 8 lugs are used on the 14 in. models, all in a FabriFinish covering.

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    Remo Djembe sounds great!

    Posted by mike d on 17th Sep 2014

    I actually received a Mondo 14" Djembe in Shadow Flame because this color is no longer available. The sound is fantastic with incredible bass notes, open notes, and slap. It looks beautiful. I love the synthetic head (I'm veterinarian), and the fit and finish is a lot better than some of the other percussion brands I have purchased.

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