Meinl Premium Fiberglass Shekere, Red

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Combining traditional design with modern innovations Meinl's Premium Fiberglass Shekere in red adds endless sound effect possibilities to your percussion setup. This medium-sized shekere features the shape and feel of a natural gourd, from which traditional shekeres are made. However, a premium fiberglass shell ensures more reliable strength and durability for a unique hand drum that you'll enjoy for years to come.

A net strung with large beads wraps around the instrument to create the shekere's unique sound, but you can make this shekere's sound even more distinct by adjusting the net. The Premium Fiberglass Shekere also features a furrowed surface for enhanced sound and a rubber lip for comfort.

As captivating in visual design as it is in sound, the shekere is finished in vibrant red for eye-catching visual interest that's perfect for on-stage performances.

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