LP LPA244S Aspire Bongo Bracket for LPA653

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Watch a video demo of the LP Aspire Bongo Bracket for LPA653

It's terrific to enjoy the great sound of LP Aspire congas—especially when they're mounted on the innovative slide-mount double stand that LP introduced last year. But it's even more terrific to double your melodic potential by adding a set of bongos to your conga setup.

LP now makes that addition easy, thanks to the new Aspire Bongo Bracket. Designed specifically to fit the  new Slide Mount Aspire Double Conga Stand, the Bongo Bracket utilizes LP's patented strap-lock system for quick and secure set-up. It also features an adjustable tilter for precise positioning.

Adding bongos to a conga setup creates a whole new world of musical options. The Aspire Bongo Bracket is your key to exploring that new world.

  • Fits Improved LP Aspire Double Conga Stand (LPA653) with slide mounts
  • Uses LP's Patented strap-lock system for quick and secure set-up
  • Adjustable tilter for precise positioning

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