Kente Cloth Royal Djembe, Key-Tuned, Large

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14" head x 26" Tall

Kente Cloth is notable in Africa because it is frequently worn by royalty. Each Kente Cloth design has a special meaning. The dark color in this drum's pattern stands for intensified spiritual energy.

This djembe is built for the drummer on the go; the PVC shell is virtually indestructible, extremely lightweight and has excellent resonance. The mechanical tuning system is fitted with a weatherproof synthetic drum head ready to deliver crisp and loud tones.

Many percussionists seek synthetic drumheads for the distinct pitch it produces which is typically a higher tone than a traditional goatskin head. The bolt tuning system makes tuning a breeze and a tuning wrench is included with the drum.

In addition, these heads offer incredible durability, stability of tuning and more possibilities with the high end hits on the rim.

The PVC drum shell delivers loud, deep bass tones and high pitch slap tones that are great for both African Djembe solos & group performance. The larger the drum size, the deeper the bass.

14 in. x 26 in.