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How to Re-Head a Djembe - DVD

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  • How to Re-Head a Djembe - DVD
  • How to Re-Head a Djembe - DVD
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It's fun and easy to re-head your drum when you have good instruction! If you want to bring out a drum's most vibrant sound, it only requires a good goatskin, time to focus, and a hearty dollop of love.
In this DVD, djembe repair expert Shorty Palmer shows you step-by-step how to put a goatskin drum head on a djembe shell. These instructions are useful for any type of rope tuned hand drum with an animal skin head. The instruction is on a djembe with goatskin.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Wrapping the Loop Ring
Chapter 3: Tying the Loops
Chapter 4: Pulling Verticals
Chapter 5: Tightening the Head
Chapter 6: Pulling Verticals on a Dry Drum
Chapter 7: Pulling Diamonds
Chapter 8: Head Replacement

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