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Djembe Instructors & Facilitators

Good instructors are the turning point of life. This map showcases djembe and percussion instructors that the staff at X8 Drums recommend.

Help build the drum circle facilitator directory. If you know of a great drum circle facilitator or hand drum instructor that is not already posted here, let us know!

Solomon Masala
Location: Austin, Texas (USA)
Expertise: Community Drumming, Music in Classrooms, Corporate Team Building

Nina Rodriguez
Location: San Antonio, Texas (USA)
Expertise: Drum Circle Facilitator, Toca Percussion Endorsed Percussionist

Frank Lazzaro Location: San Diego, CA (USA)
Expertise: Hand Drumming Instructor, Drum Circle Facilitator, Performer, specialize in African and Middle-Eastern Drumming.

Jim Greiner
Location: Montery Bay, California (USA)
Expertise: Corporate and Community Drumming, Hand Drumming Instruction, Latin Percussion Endorsed percussionist, Head Artist of LP's Community Drumming Program

Judy Piazza
Location: Dearborn, Michigan (USA)
Expertise: Workshop Facilitator

Steve Turner
Location: Clearwater, Florida (USA)
Expertise: Drum teacher, Drum Maker, Community Facilitator, Performer

Dion Rivers
Location: Jersey City, NJ (USA)
Expertise: Drum Instructor, Drum Circle Facilitator, Performer

Jason Isla
Location: Orlando, Florida (USA)
Expertise: Facilitated Drum Circles

Peter Marino
Location: Avondale Estates, Georgia (USA)
Expertise: Drum Instructor, Drum Circle Facilitator

Jana Broder
Location: Orlando, Florida (USA)
Expertise: Corporate Drum Circles

Gregg Hansen
Location: Boulder, Colorado (USA), Colorado Springs, Colorado (USA)
Expertise: Drum Instructor, Drum Circle Facilitator, Professional Musician

Scott Cincotta
Location: Union Grove, WI (U.S.A.)
Drum Instructor, Drum Circle Facilitator, Hand Percussion Instructor, Professional Musician, Drum Music Publisher

Women's Drum Center
Location: St. Paul, MN (U.S.A.)
Provides opportunities for women and girls to learn, teach, and play percussion together, and to energize the community through our music.