X8 Guinea Djembe Drums

Guinea djembe drums are some of the most breathtaking examples of artistry when it comes to hand drums. These djembe drums are not only beautiful to behold, but, are a stellar example of the various methods of djembe design. From the intricate carvings that adorn the outside of these drums to the deep bowl of the drum and wide trumpet, a djembe drum from Guinea is not easily overlooked.

Guinea djembes are traditionally made from Akajou, Lenke or Khadi hardwoods, giving a depth to the design of the drum that is unmatchable. These drums easily produce a deeper, more robust bass tone than other djembe drums, and feature intricately woven rope inlays that secure the natural skin drum head to the drum, and add to the overall aesthetic appeal.

While the concept and finished design of djembe drums from Guinea are similar, we can declare that no two Guinea djembes are alike. Each of these hand percussion instruments we import are constructed by masters of the trade, with the techniques handed down through the generations. We love these drums, almost as much as the drum makers who continue to provide such exemplary products for us to rave about. When it comes to the best quality, sound and adoration for those who create our Guinea djembe drums, we continually find ourselves humbled by the drums and the craftsmen who make our job easy!

28th Oct 2014

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