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Sizzle Cymbals

The effortless splendor of a cymbal produces a complex range of tones and resonance that adds to the emotion and spirit of a song.  Whether a crash, splash, hi-hat or ride, the cymbal has a dynamic ability to change the tone of a song to fit a specific genre or style of music.  For musicians and percussionists looking to add a little more action to the cymbal sound, the Sizzle cymbal brings a unique flavor and tone to a studio, stage or garage performance.

Sizzle cymbals help bring out a more vibrant, but less sustained sound through the addition of chains, rattles or rivets on the cymbal. Many Sizzle cymbals are standard Ride cymbals freely affixed with a ball chain on the surface that changes the overall tone of the cymbal. Rivets can also be drilled into the cymbal to create a similar, but different rattle. This rattle sound can be heard over the basic tone of the cymbal, combining together to produce a probing sound with a quick decay and decadent rasp. As a type of effects cymbal, the Sizzle can be heard in swing, jazz, early rock and even punk music.

When looking to personalize a drumming style or create a new sound, a Sizzle cymbal brings out the unique qualities and dynamics inherent in cymbals. Tapping into the harmonic possibilities of metals, alloys and a skilled drummer, Sizzle cymbals produce effects like no other cymbal can.

16th Jun 2015

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