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Proper Seating Position for Playing Djembe

When you first sit down to play your drum, you have to start at the root, also known as the Root System.

The "root" for djembe playing starts at the feet. You want your feet planted flat.

Moving up the body, now focus on the drum position. You want it between your legs with the bowl resting comfortably in the middle of your inner thighs. The drum is on a slight tilt so that the bass and tone can escape from the bottom of the drum as you play.

Next, focus on your back posture. Start by making the triangle with your hands on the drum, then position your spine so that your shoulders are back and your feet are comfortably flat.

A strap can be used to hold the drum in position while you play. This will allow you to tilt the drum further forward and avoid problems with the drum slipping away during heavy playing sessions when your legs get tired.



by Michael Pluznick

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29th Oct 2014

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