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Nino Percussion: Rhythm and Fun for All Ages

When it comes to honing musical skills, it is best to begin in childhood. The earlier children are exposed to music and given the tools to compose, the better. Music has been shown to positively affect brain development, lending itself to increased math skills and greater creativity. Children who are encouraged to play musical instruments generally do better academically than their non-musical peers. This awareness is behind the cultivation of music programming geared toward infants and toddlers.

German-made NINO Percussion instruments are built for children, but only with regard to size and coloring. Their quality meets the same high standards of instruments for adults, allowing children the opportunity to learn to play using real instruments created with them in mind. Even music teachers, therapists, and other adults enjoy the instruments made by NINO Percussion.

NINO’s philosophy is that children deserve real instruments upon which to learn and play music. The company understands that skills honed through musical development benefit children beyond their youth. Early childhood music programs especially benefit from quality instruments for children, but these instruments are an excellent value and investment for parents, as well. NINO Percussion values the next generation so much, the company even has an environmental care and preservation program.

X8 Drums carries a variety of NINO instruments, catering to the needs and desires of all child prodigies. For drumming enthusiasts, we carry cajons, congas, bongos, and djembes. NINO Percussion even has the Sea Drum, a drum with two heads and filled with metal balls in order to mimic the sounds of the ocean. This drum comes in several sizes and is sure to enthrall any child lucky enough to play it.

Since NINO is a percussion company, it does not stop with drums. In fact, drums are just one of the many types of percussion instruments offered. Colorful maracas come in both plastic and wooden designs. For adults looking for percussion sets, there are several to choose from ranging from fruit-shaped shakers only to a variety of child-friendly instruments including guiros and drums. All NINO instruments come pre-tuned and ready for action.

Children need the beauty of music in their lives and it is better if they are allowed the opportunity to make music themselves. NINO Percussion understands that early childhood is an important time to lay a solid, musical foundation. Their high quality, child-sized instruments are durable and designed to stimulate a variety of senses. Of course, this shouldn’t surprise anyone familiar with Meinl, the company that owns NINO.

28th Oct 2014

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