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Kids Learn From Drumming

Drumming is fun, good exercise, promotes well-being and self-care for adults, children and everyone in-between. Participating in drum circles or taking a class on drumming can also promote health through the community aspect of drumming, and bringing your child along can help her or him with their own social, emotional and even academic needs.

Children have a natural capacity for dance, movement and displaying their love of music. They are much less inhibited than adults and are able to express themselves easily through the rhythms that drumming produces. Just as drumming benefits adults, drumming has been shown to help boost a child's confidence, help hand-eye coordination, teach teamwork and listening skills and is an amazing way for kids to relieve their own stress. Children are natural drummers. From kids' earliest ages, they beat on their cribs, high chairs or toys in a gleeful celebration of rhythmic skills.They may drag out pots and pans and grin wildly as they beat out rhythms on their makeshift instruments. When a child sees a drum, they cannot help their natural inclination to try it out, and it's this expression of their artistry and curiosity that defines them as natural drummers.

Sometimes, it takes creativity and innovation to help a child with whatever issues they are confronting, whether at home, in school or socially. With the known benefits of drumming and its potential for fun and education, children can benefit from the experience whether alone, in a class, at home with your kitchen supplies or even in a drum circle, taking over the rhythms of a Djembe or other percussion instrument.

By enabling your child's natural ability to drum, you may be helping them get further in their own creative and academic life, as well as giving them the tools with which they learn to participate with others in a fun and educational way. Children love drums, and the benefits are easy to see as they learn not only rhythms and time, but also how to work together with others, creating beautiful music on a drum.

29th Oct 2014

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