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Finding Your Drumming Style

There are so many drummers in the world that it seems like there should be an almost infinite supply of various drumming styles. Unfortunately, what typically happens is that people find a drummer whose sound and style they enjoy and they only try to copy what that drummer is doing. If you want to stand out and find greater satisfaction with your music, though, you should think about finding your drumming style. There is only one you, so channel your creativity in a way that allows us to hear who you are when we listen to you drum.

One of the most important aspects of drumming is getting the fundamentals down. The more comfortable you are with the basics of whatever type of drum you prefer, the more easily you will be able to get creative as you play. Every home needs a good foundation and basic drumming techniques and rhythms are the foundation of your drumming home. Finding your drumming style will be nearly impossible if you are not well-versed in what sounds your drums are capable of producing and how to generate them.

The best way to get the fundamentals under control is to practice drumming. Practice is the backbone of finding your drumming style, because the more you practice (beginning with those basics), the more you begin to understand how you communicate with your drums. Drumming is an act of communication between you and your drums, regardless of type. Once you have formed a relationship with your drums and are aware of how you tend to move, where you tend to put emphasis, and things along those lines, you will likely notice a style emerging. The more you practice, the more you can trust your playing abilities and a personal style rises from that trust.

It is definitely helpful to listen to your favorite drummers play. It may even be a good idea to try to copy their style for a little while, as a way of losing yourself in the rhythm enough to allow your own creativity to take over. Joy is a great platform for creating something new. If a certain song or drummer gives you great joy to listen to and copy, then do so and see where that happiness takes you. It is easier to lose yourself in something you enjoy immensely, which helps the brain shift into a different gear and before you know it, you have mastered the art of finding your own drumming style. 

28th Oct 2014

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