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Drummer Halloween Costumes

A drummer’s life is never easy. Between the risks involved with spontaneous drumming at the office and the insatiable passion for buying new drums, it can seem more of a chore to drum, than an incredibly satisfying life pursuit. We’re kidding. Drumming is awesome, and we know it. But, as the seasons change and the winds grow colder, drumming can take a backseat to the events of fall, and especially, Halloween. X8 Drums is happy to present our latest list of improvised Halloween costumes for drummers, just in case you get caught up in the beat and forget to grab your vampire fangs or devil tail.

Portable Drum Set Drummer: We saw this recently, and couldn’t believe the ingenuity. Create a lightweight drum set that can attach to a wheelchair or stroller (for kids) and be guided through the neighborhood in style.

Animal: Everyone loves the drummer from the Muppets. What better way to take your favorite drum along for the ride and act like a sugar-crazed drum monster than by paying homage to this giant among… well, Muppets.

Djembe Fairy: This is great for women or men. Take a typical fairy costume and grab your Djembe. When asked, say that your special gift is keeping the candy flowing by tapping your magic drum. Bonus points for actually managing to pass out candy while drumming.

Drum Circle Facilitator: This may seem like an ordinary costume, but, when it comes to Halloween, even the ordinary can be fabulous. Dress like you normally do, and strap on a minimum of 10 different drums and percussion instruments. Tell people that you’re all about building positive connections and cooperation in the neighborhood, then ask to borrow a lawnmower.

Pirate Drummer: Dress as a pirate and pillage the neighborhood of anything that has potential to be drummed on, shaken or hit with a stick. If attending a Halloween party, the same instructions apply, plus, you can bury your “treasure” or make the other guest walk the plank, to the beat of your drum.

Halloween is a great time for fun, laughter and letting loose before the end-of-year rush is upon us. Remember to check your candy before eating it, use the buddy system and always keep your drum at your side. Happy Halloween!

28th Oct 2014

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