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Bringing Clean Water to Africa, One Drum Mob at a Time

Drumming is an important part of cultures around the world. It is a collective, unifying beat that joins us together as we laugh, play and learn. When it comes to drumming, and the powerful rhythm that can be created within a group, a feeling of community grows naturally and allows for a humanitarian spirit to evolve into something, well, bigger.

This spirit may best be seen in the Water 4 Africa project. As fans of drumming, and especially hand drums, the beauty and the culture of Africa is part of our daily lives. Imagine spending one-third of your income on safe drinking water, or walking miles just to find clean water… unsuccessfully. As djembe, cajon or conga players, our lives are so enhanced by the influence of Africa, and with Water 4 Africa, we have a chance to give back… just by drumming.

Water 4 Africa has developed an idea that will combine a love for rhythm with a spirit of giving in its “Beat It 4 Water” drum mob jam sessions. The idea is simple: grab some friends, family and neighbors together, find drums, pots, buckets or anything to drum on (or, just clap your hands!), get the energy moving and create some noise! Meet at a park, or your cul-de-sac. Get the community involved or your own organization. The power of drumming is not only personal, but, it is a collective action that can make change happen.

While you plan your next drum circle or community event, consider adding a little more OOMPH to the intention behind the beat. Take the time to explain the connection we all have, through drumming and through water. Creating a safe and healthy environment can be as simple as tapping a spoon on a pot, but the lasting effect of the rhythm will echo across the globe.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead.

For more information about the Beat It 4 Water drum mob jam sessions, visit the Water 4 Africa website here: Water 4 Africa

28th Oct 2014

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