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Snare Drums

Snare Drums

The snare drum is one of the most essential drums when it comes to music. It is the drum that all percussion students learn to play first; and it is the most recognizable in many marching, orchestral, and concert bands. Snare drums are the focus of the drum set, and next to bass drums, are played the most during a performance.

Like many drums, finding the right snare drum sound and look can be a journey of discovery. Snare drums are almost always double-headed. Rattles, or snares, made from gut, metal wire, or synthetic materials are stretched across one or both heads of the drum. In most snare drums, the bottom head of the drum has an extremely thin, specialized head that is much too light to be played directly. The upper head is sturdier, to allow for the multitude of hits during a performance.

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