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1, 2, Let's All Groove - Just Released!


Designed for the classroom teacher and facilitators working with students or youth ages kindergarten to 8th grade, this is the comprehensive guide to using rhythm and drumming as a tool to enhance academic and social-emotional learning.

This publication is currently available as a PDF Download or in Paperback on Amazon.

What People Are Saying About 1, 2, Let's All Groove: "This book fills a valuable need in the music publishing landscape. As a complete guide to interactive group drumming and rhythmic activities, it is an amazing resource. From the amateur music lover who wants to find a way to build cohesion in a community, camp, or any group setting to seasoned music educators and drumming facilitators who are looking for new ideas - it presents strategies, games, and concepts that are both practical and proven!” Dr. Kenyon Williams, Professor of Percussion MN State, Music Educator

1, 2, Let's All Groove!gives you all this: the science and theory that prove rhythm's positive effects on learning; extensive, easy to integrate activities tied to national educational standards; fully illustrated and easy to teach rhythms and rhythm choreography; photos and descriptions of all the field-tested instruments you need; a special section on how to tune and lock in your own internal metronome, plus extensive resources to give you years of successful rhythm programming. We've specifically designed the book to serve as a comprehensive resource for music teachers, as well as any teacher or facilitator wanting to bring successful engagement and excitement to any learning situation.

Inside you'll find. . .

  • Exciting, easy to learn rhythm activities tied to national learning standards
  • Information on all the field tested instruments you need
  • Easy to teach rhythms and rhythm choreography
  • Science and theories behind using rhythm
  • Learn to facilitate rhythm jams
  • Learn to read box notation


  • Info on tuning your own internal metronome
  • Links to tons of FREE accompanying on-line video content
  • Comprehensive resources
  • FREE MP3 downloads!

From the Introduction... Remember being fully engaged in an activity, feeling excited and eager to learn? Well, that's being in “the groove!” It's a spirit of enthusiasm and inspiration - one that facilitators and participants share when everyone's totally engaged - it's that groove! Rhythm grooving is a universal energizer - over all the world, all people, of all ages, respond positively to rhythm. And, rhythm is a positive learning-enhancer that can be used by every teacher, and every kind of facilitator.

Rhythm has been scientifically proven to contribute to rich and successful learning environments (see p. 12). If you're a classroom teacher or group facilitator who has tended to shy away from music and/or rhythm for lack of formal training - this book is for you! The engaging, practical and accessible material you'll find here will enable you to embody the energy, excitement and spirited learning of rhythm activities - we guarantee it!

Here's an equation I've tested and proven in facilitating hundreds of school programs to date: Learning energy is inversely related to classroom management energy. In other words, the more intensely students are engaged in what's being presented, (“learning energy”) the less energy needs to go into managing classroom behavior and focus. Just this year, I spent six months using rhythm-based learning with children in grades 1 through 8 and continue to verify the fact: rhythm keeps the learning energy high. For sure, at times I had to add management energy to the mix, but even then, rhythm remains a top engager - right up there with magic! And, it can be like magic to see the way rhythm tightly correlates with social, emotional and academic development.

We're enthusiastic about encouraging you to learn and incorporate drumming and rhythm - and about giving you an easy way to do it. At the same time, to be successful teachers and facilitators, we know we need a smart combination of many effective tools. Rhythm is one of those tools. We know you'll bring rhythm into the right situation just as you do with every other excellent activity.

Rhythm is an outstanding, proven, and easy-to-use learning enhancer. It is our desire to see every learner tap into the joy, inspiration and life affirming energy inherent in rhythm.