Zildjian Cymbals

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With a rich history that dates back to the Ottoman Empire in the 1600s, Zildjian cymbals may be the best recognized brand of cymbals in the world. Zildjian cymbals are known for quality and innovation, as well as for their omnipotence in the evolution of music that encompasses military bands, classical compositions, the American jazz music explosion and today’s hottest musicians, performers and bands. The distinctive sound of Zildjian cymbals and the company’s devotion to producing top quality products while keeping the needs of drummers in mind make these cymbals favorites of artists all over the world.

Zildjian features cymbals for drum sets, as well as marching bands and orchestras, each made with the care and precision that gave the company its start in the world of music. From the original A Series that sets the standard for cymbal sound in popular music, to the K Custom series, perfect for jazz musicians and everywhere in between, these sheet bronze and cast bronze alloy cymbals are a time-honored tradition of “paper thin” crash, ride, hi-hat, splash, and sizzle, with a sound to fit any genre of music.

Along with providing cymbals for artists such as Adam Deitch, Elvis Costello, Lars Ulrich, Jeffrey Lewis, Chris Fryar and a vast assortment of university marching bands, Zildjian also sponsors scholarships, awards and clinics to help students and novice drummers continue to follow their passion for drumming. In addition, Zildjian offers digital cymbal software, cymbal bags and gear to fit the needs of all drummers and percussionists.