Popular among both kids and adults, the xylophone is a fun, versatile instrument that anyone can play. In fact, its design and playing style is so easy to pick up that smaller and simpler versions of xylophones are a popular children’s toy. Because of its playability, the xylophone is also a common percussion instrument learned in school music classes and played in school bands. In more professional capacities, the xylophone is an essential component of a concert band’s or orchestra’s percussion section.

Whether you’re just learning to play the xylophone for school, are a professional xylophone player, or think your little one has an ear for music, you’ll find xylophones for all ages and various uses in our extensive collection. Offering only the best in percussion instruments, X8 Drums offers xylophones created by brands you trust to deliver quality, value, and an unbeatable sound. We even offer quality xylophones at prices for every budget!

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