X8 West African Dundun, Sangban

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Now available! A small shipment of authentic African dunduns have just arrived. These sets will set out quickly and are master player quality. We recommend these drums for college African study programs, professional percussionists, Broadway performances and for players who want the very best in a traditional African dundun set (also known as douns, djun djuns or dununs).


Sangban: 15" Diameter Ring to Ring / 13.5" Playing Surface, 22" Tall, Approx. 17 lb.

These drums are carved from Iroko hardwood that is also used for carving master djembes due to its musical nature and longetivity.

The drum heads are made of cow hide with the hair left on to produce heavy tones and eliminate ringing overtones.

The dunduns are traditionally played as a set with sticks, The Dundunba produces the low bass tone, the Sangban produces the mid-range tone, and the Kenkeni produces the high tone.

  • Master level dundun drums hand built by artisans in Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa.
  • Usually played with sticks in a set of three (Dundunba, Sangban, Kenkeni). Can be played in the traditional horizonal position or ballet style where drums stand vertically in stands.
  • Two heads, top and bottom are African cowhides held together with two-ring mounting system.
  • Each drum ships with a pair of hardwood sticks.

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