X8 Compact Box Didgeridoo - Black

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  • X8 Compact Box Didgeridoo - Black
  • X8 Compact Box Didgeridoo - Black
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The Box Didgeridoo is a unique compact version of a full-length didgeridoo where the internal airflow path on the inside of the instrument is a tight zigzag design to allow for the creation of didgeridoo tones in a box-shaped instrument.

The box measures 9" L x 5" H x 1.6" D with an effective length of 42" due to the zigzag internal path which is the same as our Teak Wood Didgeridoos. The mouthpiece is sanded smooth so there is no need for a wax mouthpiece and the sound is rich due to the mahogany wood construction.

The compact box shape opens up new opportunities for sound by modifying the open end. Try muffling it while you play to make sounds of a beat box. This instrument is perfect for travel and will wow your fellow musicians at festivals and gigs.

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