Introduction to the Meinl Trejon

The reason they call it the Trejon is because the drum has three surfaces that you can play. It's a significant advancement in the development of cajons by Meinl Percussion.

Let's discuss the various parts of this cajon drum:

  • The large frontplate in the middle of the drum will deliver your deepest tone.
  • On your left-hand side, the small frontplate produces a brighter tone.
  • On your right-hand side, you will find the snare drum.

On the side of the drum is a knob to adjust the snare. Turn it up for full snare effects or turn it all the way off for to create an additional tom.

Further adjustments for controlled sounds can be made by loosening or tightening the screws on the three frontplates. Each one can be adjusted separately, offering endless range for the player.

This is really an amazing cajon drum that is out on the market now and you gotta love it.

Watch the video above for a demonstration of three basic notes that you can play on the Trejon.

And of course, like all high-end Meinl Cajons, you have your own padded drummer's throne on top of the drum.

The Meinl Trejon is an amazing asset for any serious drummer. Use it for more range at acoustic gigs or mic it for electric shows to spice up the backline.

8th Jul 2014

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