Elite Pro Djembe Video Demonstrations

Feel the beat right down to your toes: X8 Drums introduces new line of Elite Pro Djembe Drums

X8 Drums rolls out a new line of exclusive hand drums, unavailable anywhere else in the United States. Smooth in tone and visually stunning, the Elite Pro Djembe Drum will hypnotize you with it's sultry beat.

Watch video demonstrations of the new Elite Pro Djembe line and read more details below.

Whether you are a rocker with years of experience or a true novice to the ancient art of hand drumming, X8's new line of Elite Pro Djembe Drums is rhythmically calling your name. Hand made and custom carved out of the finest materials, the Elite Pro will give you the tone and tempo of the African jungle right in your own backyard.

When you are ready to experience X8's line of Elite Pro Djembe Drums, you will have to make the difficult choice between three varieties: King Cheetah, Midnight Elite, and Ivory Elite. The King Cheetah, not unlike its feline namesake, is a rare breed of Djembe drum for the customer seeking a specialty item. Exquisite carving not only gives this drum the appearance of the Cheetah, but also provides the user with the smooth sounds of the tropical forest. The Midnight Elite's solid black shell bellies its light echo, while the Ivory Elite’s natural mahogany shell is a visual stunner that provides outstanding sound.

Each Elite Pro Djembe Drum is hand carved and lathed. Not just any piece of hardwood is selected for these drums, and only 30% of the wood chosen for the Professional line meets the criteria for an Elite Pro. Each steel neck ring is welded through an intensive process that keeps your Elite Pro Djembe Drum tuned to your exact specifications. All wood is legally harvested and government certified, which means your drum not only sounds tight, it’s environmentally friendly.

X8 Drum’s Pro Gig bag is included with the purchase of each Elite Pro Djembe Drum. Useful for storage when you are not playing and as a carrier when you are, the gig bag is constructed from waterproof, durable nylon. It has extra pouches for any added baggage you may need to carry to your next drum circle.

Pricing and Availability
The Elite Pro Djembe Drum is exclusive to X8 Drums; you won't find the custom designs of these drums anywhere else in the United States. Priced at $349.00, there are only limited quantities available. The Elite Pro Djembe Drum is a true collector item and sure to become your cherished possession.

8th Jul 2014

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