Toca Freestyle Rope Tuned 4" Mini Djembe (SDMINI)

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Inspired by the natural world. In touch with its roots. Our wood djembes are full of character and their liveliness and playfulness comes through with every beat. 

Our environmentality is to always think green. And you don't get to be one of the world's best djembes without keeping the world in mind. That's why our djembes use only certified, plantation grown Mahogany wood that's treated and dried in buildings powered by solar technology.

Beautifully hand carved from one piece of environmentally-friendly plantation Mahogany wood
Hand carved and hand painted (features unique designs that surrounds the drum base) in hand carved (Vuur) or hand painted (Vryheid) versions
Kiln dried shells with up to 20 coats of teak oil that protects and preserves the wood
Lathe turned for uniform thickness
Low-stretch Alpine rope with braided cores
Hand selected authentic goatskin head for look and sound

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4" x 7"